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    Life coaching

    Life coaching is based on the treatment of the ‘Shen’, the T.O.M. concept of the psyche. When I was working in Psychiatric intervention teams in Holland, I already observed that mental issues have a physical factor. After studying Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen and…

  • diet


    In their observation of the laws of nature the pioneers of T.O.M. found that the world can be seen as based on five different phases or elements. Four seasons follow each other during the year with an intermediate period between two seasons, which they…

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    Acupuncture is an ancient technique developed for the first time in China several thousand years ago. It is based on a long observation and deep understanding of the forces that control nature and their reflection in the functioning of the human body and mind….

  • ginger

    Herbal medicine

    Farmacopea (the use of Chinese Herb combinations) is the extension of this dietary system, certain plants with certain properties and tastes strengthen (or ease) certain organ functions, on a even much more concentrated and powerful level than diet. Chinese herb combinations are used when…

  • blossom


    Qi Kung is an ancient system of energetic exercises, not so much directed at the visible results as is normal in western systems but directed at harmonising and strengthening the internal mental and physical state of the practitioner. It is considered the ‘mother of…

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    When an embryo develops in the womb of the mother how do the cells know HOW to develop? According to T.O.M. before there is a physical body, there is an energetic body, a structure of channels that the Chinese called ‘Jing Luo’, or ‘Meridians’….