Herbal medicine

Farmacopea (the use of Chinese Herb combinations) is the extension of this dietary system, certain plants with certain properties and tastes strengthen (or ease) certain organ functions, on a even much more concentrated and powerful level than diet.

Chinese herb combinations are used when there is a necessity of boosting or correcting the energetic basis on a cellular level.

These herbs are always given in a combination to balance each other, if a certain herb produces a lot of heat in the body (for example Ginseng) other cooling herbs are added to make a balanced formula, if certain herbs produce dryness in the body, moisturising herbs are added etc.

Caution should be taken with modern western ‘magical formulas’ based on partial understanding of Chinese Farmacopea that  promise quick solutions to complicated problems.

Chinese Farmacopea is a very sophisticated system applied following a thorough diagnostic and deep understanding of the specific condition of the person and forms a balanced response to his or hers issues and necessities.