In their observation of the laws of nature the pioneers of T.O.M. found that the world can be seen as based on five different phases or elements.

Four seasons follow each other during the year with an intermediate period between two seasons, which they called the fifth season, when the cosmic energy comes back to the earth.

They systemised these observations in the law of the five elements. All phenomena in the universe are marked by one of these five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal.

These five elements correspond to the organs, tastes, grains, colours, smells, vegetables etc.  The earth element is represented by the spleen that loves the sweet taste, the wood is reflected in the liver that loves the acid taste, fire is reflected in the hearth that loves the bitter taste, metal is reflected in the lungs which love the spicy taste and the kidneys represent the water element with its predilection for the salty taste.

They are in constant motion and transformation. Water produces wood, wood produces fire, whose ashes produce the earth, inside which there is the metal, that in turn produces water.

Water extinguishes fire, fire melts steel, steel cuts wood, the wooden plough controls the earth, the earthen dam controls the water etc…..

Therefore there is a balance between the five elements producing and controlling each other and therefore the organs also ‘create each other’ and ‘control each other’.

This is the base of the T.O.M. Dieatary System that tries to restore the imbalances in the organ energies by adjusting the diet with grains, meat, vegetables, pulses, herbs, fruits, seeds, etc. that have a certain character and property, according to the necessity of every individual.

Specific nutrition that is used is aimed at strengthening or calming certain organs to restore the balance in blood and energy production.