Facial enhancement acupuncture

Woman before and after one treatment

Facial enhancement acupuncture is a non invasive, all natural technique which removes wrinkles and has en overall effect of lifting the epidermis and restoring vitality and health to a persons face.

This has been practiced already for centuries in China but now is having a revival in the West. As one can appreciate in the pictures that show the effects of the first treatment this person has received: the result are immediate. Treatment is done with ultra fine acupuncture needles to lift the face, as one can see the expression has become lively. (the treatment on this person was done in the morning just after waking up). The pictures were taken just before and after the treatment.

Treatment is aimed to direct life energy (Qi in Chinese) to the face. The eyes are shining again, the face has glow , the expression more present.

At closer examination one can see the horizontal line in the forehead has almost disappeared, so has the little bag under her right eye.

Lot’s of people are getting weary of medical interventions to help to keep a healthy, fresh appearance. Botox has become a practice that many people like to avoid these days.

Cosmetic acupuncture does not have the side effects that people fear from botox. Plus it’s combined with classical acupuncture that helps to strengthen the vital energy.

Botox is a neuro paralysing drug while facial acupuncture is a revitalising treatment. In the long run this will be more natural, more personal, more lasting, without changing the essential expression of someone, just stimulating the original energy of the facial expression.