Acupuncture is an ancient technique developed for the first time in China several thousand years ago.

It is based on a long observation and deep understanding of the forces that control nature and their reflection in the functioning of the human body and mind.

The ancient Chinese tried to look deeper than the visible world that constantly changes and takes on different appearances.

They looked for the unchangeable original principals that rule life and command the changing of the seasons, the growing up of children even the rise and fall of specific political ideas.

What is the power that is behind your changing moods, ideas, physical wellbeing?

They discovered a vital intention behind all these phenomena that they called: ‘QI’, meaning Breath, or Life energy (see also SHIATSU).

In the human body this ‘QI’ flows through a network of channels that combine the surface of the body with its interior as well as with its mental and spiritual aspects.

During a long period these pioneers of T.O.M. worked on a whole system of tracking the external channels on the body in their relationship with its internal functions. Leading to the localisation of the 365 traditional acupuncture points. During the centuries more points have been added.

In acupuncture the practitioner, after a thorough and detailed diagnosis develops a treatment plan, adjusted to short and long term necessities.

In several sessions hair-thin (sterile, disposable) needles are inserted in certain acupuncture points, aiming when treating certain syndromes at restoring the energetic balance in the body, relieve pain, improving the levels of energy and strengthening the immunity system.