Life coaching

Life coaching is based on the treatment of the ‘Shen’, the T.O.M. concept of the psyche. When I was working in Psychiatric intervention teams in Holland, I already observed that mental issues have a physical factor. After studying Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen and Bioenergetics I realised that also in the west there is a scientific understanding of this.

Simply said there is a category of people who want ‘A change in their life’. Often suffering from long lasting but more or less manageable physical and emotional problems people find themselves confronted with feelings of unhappiness, ‘emptiness’, stress, relationship issues, career items, or the ‘simple’ lack of the feeling of growth in their life.

Life coaching consists in guiding people to define and centre on their priorities, overcoming obstacles and reconnecting with motivation, inspiration and life force.

This implies intuitivity training, reassessment of one own’s personal history and character, aiming at redefining the direction in our life and focusing on the necessary life changing decision making.

T.O.M. can be of incredible help in this process based on the oriental understanding that the different aspects of the psyche are energetically connected to the main internal organs.

I developed a training method that aims at strengthening the weaker or underdeveloped parts of our personality and smoothing the overcharged parts of our character.

I called it five element Ki training based on the T.O.M. theory of the five elements. (see Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a form of applied Qi Kung training that directly connects with our emotional constellation.